We had a party. People came.

Yes, Munchy Brothers sells frozen pot cookie dough. But it's more than a cookie company. We like to think of ourselves as "good times facilitators." We put smiles on peoples' faces in all kinds of ways.

Back at the beginning of August, we invited Minty Burns to a bar we know to cut a few rhymes and have a few laughs. Turnout was great. Pints were flowing. And this little Eminem-looking dude brought the motherfuckin' house down.

We'll be throwing a few more shindigs in the coming months. Right now, we're working on getting the hardest working duo in the city (and, in our opinion, the greatest bass player you've never heard of) to play a set for all you Munchys out there.

In the meantime, keep blazin', keep bakin' and remember that 3:35 is the new 4:20.


Flip & Dip


Dip Munchy